Community Need…

The Contoocook Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center organizing committee is convinced that the facility and its programs will bring high value to the community on three fronts:

Economic Vitality Studies confirm that arts exhibitions and performance programs promote economic vitality. A strong arts and performance venue in the center of the community will be a feature that attracts residents seeking quality education for their children and an enriching lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Educational Value   Promotion of skills and attributes identified by parents and ConVal High School for students to be successful in their post-graduate years (partial list):

  • presentation skills
  • organizational skills
  • empathy
  • collaboration
  • critical thinking/problem solving
  • staying calm in a crisis
  • ability to work to deadline
  • awareness of how others perceive us
  • courage
  • resourcefulness
  • being a team player
  • versatility
  • flexibility
  • financial and project management
  • ability to communicate

Future Employees  We are committed to working with the business community to ensure our public schools are training valuable workers for the future.  There is no question that STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are a vital part of education, but STEM is missing a key set of creativity components that are equally critical to succeeding in a competitive and innovative workforce, and those skills are summarized with the letter ‘A’ for arts (“STEAM”).

Arts education helps create the kind of employees local and national businesses want to hire.  Two years ago, the Conference Board and Americans for the Arts, working with the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), conducted a survey of business people and educators.  The study, entitled Ready to Innovate, demonstrated that more and more companies are looking for skill sets in their new employees that are much more arts/creativity-related than science/math-related.  Companies want workers who can brainstorm, problem-solve, collaborate creatively and contribute/communicate new ideas.

Many ConVal High School graduates are pursuing careers in the arts.  Here is a list of graduates from the ConVal class of 2015 who are furthering their education in arts-related fields.

Class of 2015 - Arts Related Graduates-2