About Us…

Our Vision

A center for creative and diverse arts activities
that enrich our communities.

Our Mission

Contoocook Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center addresses school and community needs with a unique partnership that offers a public venue for music, theatre, dance, technical arts,
presentations and exhibits, while contributing to the growth
of the local economy.

Our Values

We align our activities to the human qualities that we admire in the arts:

• Respect
• Gratitude
• Trust
• Patience
• Transparency
• Kindness
• Compassion
• Collaboration
• Accountability
• Commitment


The Contoocook Valley Visual and Performing Arts Center is a
501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and we are researching funding alternatives. 
 We are governed by an Executive Committee and operating sub-committees, supported by officers of the corporation, a Board of Directors and an Advisory Committee.

Members of the Board and Officers of the Corporation
Click on a board member’s name below for their photo and bio.

Rob Eichler, President

Bob Edwards, Vice President

Elizabeth Halper, Treasurer

Martha Eichler, Secretary

Dick Sanders

Gloria Schultz

Princess Wedding Dresses
John Halper

Krystal Morin2
Krystal Morin

Mary Lou O’Neil

Executive Committee:
Rob Eichler, Chairperson
Bob Edwards
Elizabeth Halper
Elizabeth Moore
John Halper
Krystal Morin
Mary Lou O’Neil

Operating Committees:
Development (Capital Campaign) – Bob Edwards, Chairperson
Design & Architecture – Elizabeth Moore, Chairperson
Finance – Elizabeth Halper, Chairperson
Marketing and Public Relations – Krystal Morin, Chairperson
Nominating and Governance – Mary Lou O’Neil, Chairperson
Operational Review – Rob Eichler, Chairperson pro tem

Advisory Committee:
Adam Hamilton
Allen Davis
Audrey White
Bill Torphy
Felicity Pool
Ingrid Aho, student advisory member
John Vance
Keith Stevens
Laura A. Gingras
Sean Ryan